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      Fountain equipment, there are what kinds of nozzles are optional

      1, ice sprinkler
      When hoarfrost spray water, the appearance of large plump, sturdy tall and straight, the nozzle installed in the diversion and the water level, the water can be taken out of the water to form a thick spectacular water column, strong wind resistance. This nozzle is widely used in the fountain and public places in the pool.
      2, universal DC nozzle
      DC nozzle in a variety of occasions, widely used in fountains and music fountain equipment necessary nozzle, this nozzle is equipped with ball joints can be adjusted vertically 15 degrees, universal DC nozzle can be combined with a variety of different shapes The effect of the jet, the level of the jet and the angle of change, according to the pool shape size set.
      3, Peacock open screen (hemisphere dandelion) nozzle
      Hemispheric dandelion nozzle also known as peacock open nozzle, but its structural principle and structure and the open screen (scattering) nozzle are not the same, and basically the same with the dandelion nozzle, the only difference is that it is hemispherical, spout water posture Half-ring dandelion, also like a peacock open screen. The water quality requirements and dandelion nozzle the same, can be applied to a variety of fountains.
      4, the center straight nozzle
      The center is directly on the nozzle is installed in the same distribution box with a number of universal DC nozzle, when these nozzles the same specifications, the jet of water posture majestic straight; when the nozzle size is not exactly the same, the size of the nozzle layout, the water jet Stature sturdy and powerful, structured, prominent themes, is a major fountain equipment essential main nozzle. The nozzle is also called the central water column.
      5, fog nozzle
      Spray nozzle It is very small droplets of water spray, a mist, the sun can form a rainbow under the seven colors. Due to differences in nozzle structure, spray the water posture is also different, water spray noise, less water, usually installed around the statue.
      6, style nozzle
      Style nozzle is a porous scattering nozzle, also known as layer flower nozzle, flower basket nozzle. Water spray, the appearance of a bouquet of flowers, beautiful appearance, easy installation, suitable for all occasions in the fountain.
      7, rotating nozzle
      Rotary nozzle is the use of centrifugal force of water flow and the reaction force to promote the nozzle while rotating water edge. Due to the number of branch pipes. Bending direction and nozzle installation of different tilt angle, the formation of water spray beautiful appearance of different shapes, such as rotating nozzle, rotating flower basket nozzle.
      8, morning glory nozzle
      Morning glory nozzle, also known as the petunia nozzle. It is the use of refractive principle, forming a uniform water spray film, the shape of the wind in the absence of a certain water pressure can form a complete daffodil. This water spray is suitable for indoor or courtyard fountains. In the nozzle below the valve can be installed to adjust the amount of water, while the top of the nozzle can also adjust the cap, so that spray patterns to achieve the best results, the same principle with the hemisphere nozzle.
      9, flat mouth nozzle
      Flat mouth spout water spray beautiful, suitable for a variety of occasions in the fountain, flat mouth sprinkler equipped with spherical joints, can be vertical and inclined 15 degrees installation.
      10, fan-shaped nozzle
      Fan-shaped nozzle is a multi-mouth scattering nozzle, it is a number of small direct-jet nozzle located in the same water chamber, water spray modeling like peacock open screen, but also like a fan. Therefore, also known as peacock or peacock open head. Can be installed vertically, but also inclined installation.
      11, adjustable Yuzhu nozzle
      Yuzhu nozzle nozzle section for a ring gap, when the pressure water from the direct injection, the water was cylindrical hollow water film, shaped like a crystal cylinder. The jet of water spray magnificent, good wind resistance.
      12, Yongquan (bubbling) nozzle
      Yongquan nozzle is also a nozzle, also known as bubble nozzle, pearl nozzle. When the water is sprayed, the air can be sucked in to make the water pose an airy white water dome. The water jet can obtain a plump huge landscape with less water, and can be widely used in fountains of various occasions.
      13, fireworks nozzle
      Fireworks nozzle is another kind of porous scattering nozzle, also known as shower nozzle. Because it is slightly different from the structure of the style column nozzle, the jet of water posture and style are also different, its water spray style is like being released fireworks, handsome in appearance, easy installation, suitable for all occasions in the fountain.
      14, filling nozzle
      Aerated nozzles are also known as aerated nozzles, foam nozzles, suction nozzles and the like. This jet with a jet pump principle, when the air is sucked into the water, with a small amount of water to produce plump jet, the nozzle of the water column was white opaque, reflective effect is good. Adjust the height of the jacket can change the amount of inhaled air, the more air intake, the color of the water column, the more white, the finer the foam, the nozzle has a spherical joint, the centerline can be 15 degrees axial rotation. It is suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor fountains.
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